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A World Once Silent


    Free to VIP Badge Holders | $5 for Regular Badge Holders and for Saturday/Weekend Wristbands | $13 advance/$15 DOS without Badge or Wristband

    A World Once Silent burst onto the music scene in the summer of 2010. With a line up that consisted of the most dedicated musicians, most members still in high school, they began writing music that would quickly become fan favorites in the local area. Inspired by their favorite hardcore bands, AWOS began writing quality hardcore music consisting of melodic guitar riffs and brutal headbanging breakdowns, while keeping danceable parts to sustain mosh pit excitement. Opportunities rapidly became available for AWOS to play with some national acts such as, The Human Abstract, God Forbid, Texas in July, This or The Apocalypse, Ace Augustine, Greeley Estates, The Faceless, Suffocation, Winds of Plague and Chelsea Grin. The band has shown they can hold their own on stage and keep the crowd engaged. A World Once Silent recorded their EP, In The Company of Wolves, produced by Alex Koppenheffer of Highland Audio, and released it 05/30/11 which has been well received to date. The band is currently writing new material in preparation for a full length album. AWOS continues to perform at every opportunity, gaining fans and expanding their fan base. The future is extremely bright for this group of talented young musicians.

    Type Music
    Genre Metal
    Tags All Ages

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