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    Free to Badge Holders and Friday/Weekend Wristbands | $10 without Badge or Wristband

    Mason is a young lyricist/songwriter from Philadelphia. He’s mastered a sound that seems draw listeners from all genres. His eclectic artistry shows a presence relative to many different classes, races and lifestyles. When asked “Why he pursued a career in music?” he responded: 

    “When I hear music, I’m captivated note by note, sound by sound. Music is a universal language that connects people emotionally no matter how far apart or how different they are from each other. I’ve always felt a need to connect with others, to me this is the ultimate outlet. I write about life in every facet. I love to address the important things and to just bullshit. I’ve found that life often consists of the same things. This is about art, expression and fun. This is about leaving a legacy and etching a name. This is about music and its preservation forever and always. Its the story of my life.” -Mason 

    Type Music
    Genre Hip Hop
    Tags All Ages

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