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    Free to VIP Badge Holders | $5 for Regular Badge Holders and for Saturday/Weekend Wristbands | $13 advance/$15 DOS without Badge or Wristband

    "They say you only live once, so I'll push the limit 'til it's over the edge," screams AUBURN frontman Brian Colantonio in the song ‘Freeman's Legacy’. 

    With Parallels, the Boston area natives’ debut full length, AUBURN lives up to those words by pushing the limit over the course of twelve blisteringly heavy, melodically laced, in-your-face tracks. The album, produced by Chris Curran (FOUR YEAR STRONG, THEREFORE I AM, VANNA) and mastered by Alan Douches (EVERYTIME I DIE, UNDER0ATH, NORMA JEAN), is a dynamic blend of riff-heavy hardcore and melodic songwriting sensibilities.

    “When we began brainstorming ideas for this record, we wanted a way to explain the changes we’ve gone through in every aspect of our lives,” explains Colantonio on the album’s title. “When I look back at the person I was as recently as two years ago I realize that I looked at life much differently then.”

    Since the band’s debut EP, 2009’s Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (Blue Duck Records), AUBURN has spent the ensuing two years touring coast to coast, sharing the stage with the likes of THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, EVERY TIME I DIE, FOUR YEAR STRONG, MAYLENE AND THE SONS OF DISASTER and more. Along the way, the band has honed and refined their approach – the songs are heavier, the lyrics are deeper and the live show has even more energy and intensity.

    ”I wanted Parallels to represent the person I am now compared to the person I was in the past just as much as I want it to compare the sound we had then to the sound we have now,” Colantonio explains. The lyrics are written in that vein – to identify similarities and compare ‘parallels’”. 

    Type Music
    Genre Metal
    Tags All Ages

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