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Adam Taylor


    Free to Badge Holders and Friday/Weekend Wristbands | $10 without Badge or Wristband

    As a young adult in Lancaster, PA, Taylor watched his older brother, Chad Taylor, tour the world as one of the founding members of LIVE. "Not every musician gets a mentor that has sold 25 million records. I get wonderful advice," says Adam of his rock and roll predecessor. “ The first day into recording No Poet, we decided that “Oliver” needed a bridge. Chad's an amazing producer, partly because he has been produced by some of the greats in the past. He used this trick that he learned from Jerry Harrison [of Talking Heads]. Chad's thought process was, ‘If I pressure Adam, like an engine he'll explode with a genius idea that stuns us all.’” The pressure culminated in Adam making an inflammatory comment he knew would insult Chad. Of course, in Taylor family fashion, he punched Adam in the face.

    Yet the younger Taylor has no reason to feel lost in his brother’s large shadow. Citing inspirations from Tom Waits to Saul Williams, Taylor’s old-school soul can be felt through his visually quirky, socially conscious lyrics and ragtime-inspired folk-pop. “It’s so easy to be a poet, and so hard to be a man.” The poetry of Charles Bukowski means more to Adam Taylor than scribbles on paper; it is the inspiration to his literate, fist-in-the-air debut, No Poet.


    Type Music
    Genre Pop

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